Wanniassa: The Junior Campus

Wanniassa: The Junior Campus

The Wanniassa Campus accommodates students for Years 7, 8 and 9.

The Year 7 program is based on principles of belonging and of integrated learning. Year 7 students are placed in a pastoral class belonging to one of the Houses: Gurabang, Meup Meup, Mindygari or Ngadyung. This pastoral class remains together for Integrated Humanities, which includes Religious Education, English and Studies of Society and Environment. The curriculum offered to students in Year 7 meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum in the core areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and History.

Students also undertake studies in the areas of Cultural Studies, Science, Art, Food and Textiles, Music, Physical Education and Health and Technology.

Year 8 students have pastoral classes based on House groups. In Year 8, all students undertake the Australian Curriculum in English, Maths, Science, and History, as well as studying Religious Education and Physical Education. Year 8 Students are able to choose from a range of elective courses.

In Year 9, students have a greater choice of courses. All students undertake the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, and History, as well as studying Religious Education and Physical Education. The range of elective courses in Year 9 is much more varied than in previous years.

To support the breadth of curriculum offered at the Wanniassa Campus, an excellent range of facilities exist. These include a new state-of-the-art Information Resource Centre, newly refurbished science laboratories, music rooms, a theatrette, gymnasium, kitchens, technology workshops, art and textiles rooms, computer laboratories, basketball and tennis courts, and an oval. All students coming into the College in Year 7 are provided with their own laptop.

An extensive team of support staff including counsellors, technical assistants and teacher aides assist students and teachers within and outside the classroom.

Enrichment and Challenge

The College seeks to address the needs of all students. In Year 7, students are placed in mixed ability classes for all subjects except Mathematics, where small remedial classes are offered to students who require additional assistance. Within each class, the teacher seeks to challenge and extend individual students and support others who need additional help with their studies. Students with learning difficulties may also receive assistance in the classroom from Inclusive Learning teachers or teacher aides.

In Year 8, Extension and Support classes have been added in English and Mathematics. These additional classes have been introduced in those subject areas where literacy and numeracy are crucial, and to offer further extension and support to students. Students in Years 7-9 who are identified as gifted are invited to participate in a separate program to challenge and enrich their educational experiences.

In Year 9, students are placed in Mathematics and English classes concomitant with their ability and application to studies. In other subject areas, students have a great deal of choice as to units studied. This way they are able to select units that suit their abilities and interests.

At Wanniassa, students are encouraged to engage in a range of leadership and co-curricula opportunities, including Student Representative Council, musical productions, sport clubs and the band program.