A Catholic school for all!


Why do so many people choose MacKillop for their secondary school experience?

Because we're a Catholic school for all:

At MacKillop, we're faithful to the Gospels, attentive to the example of Jesus Christ, and challenged by the life and work of St Mary MacKillop. We are not perfect at MacKillop but we endeavour to be just, loving, faithful, inclusive of all, and joyful in each other's company.

Using the teachings and example of our patron, Australia’s first Saint, the College aims to be welcoming of students from different faith, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as students with a range of abilities – from the most academically gifted to those who need extra assistance achieving their optimum.

The sense of belonging, no matter what your background, is one of the College’s greatest strengths. MacKillop is truly a Catholic school for all!