A Co-educational school!


Why do so many people choose MacKillop for their secondary school experience?

Because we're A Co-ed school: boys and girls learn together

At MacKillop we set ourselves the challenge of being welcoming of all who wish to be with us, whatever their faith tradition, talents, abilities, backgrounds, culture, and interests.

Our community seeks to reflect the diversity of our Australian society. Providing an education for adolescents in such an environment provides our students with enhanced opportunities to contribute to and achieve for themselves and, as importantly, for the world they will live in.

Why, then, would we restrict our community to only one gender?

Mary MacKillop’s vision for education was that her schools provide learning for all – that vision continues at our College.

Our commitment to co-education as a foundation for the future is strengthened by the fact that no new schools are opened as single sex schools – not since the 1950s. Indeed, many single sex schools in Australia and around the world are moving to co-education.

A powerful belief underpinning co-education at MacKillop is that all students learn differently – it’s not a case of all boys or all girls learning the same. Our teachers are trained and encouraged to use a range of pedagogical strategies in their teaching, a wide range of forms of assessment, and to discuss the strength and challenges of each student in their class through a flexible or differentiated approach to teaching.

Childcare centres are co-ed, most primary schools are co-ed, and so are universities, work places, training centres, and all of the professions; so is MacKillop.

Co-education brings a healthy energy to our school; a respect for gender difference, a maturity and confidence in learning together, and a broad range of social, co-ed, extra-curricular opportunities that foster a healthy, tolerant learning environment.

At MacKillop, our commitment to the belief that we are all different means there is no aim to produce the typical ‘MacKillop boy’ or ‘girl’.

Co-education reflects the working, cultural, and social patterns of adult life and is fundamental to MacKillop’s desire to be a Catholic school for all.