Achieve at MacKillop!


Why do so many people choose MacKillop for their secondary school experience?

Because you can achieve at MacKillop:

In the past few years, MacKillop has achieved excellent Year 12 results. In 2019, all students wishing to go to university achieved a score high enough to gain entry, while the College also awarded one of the highest numbers of VET Certificates in the territory. In 2018, our College Dux achieved an ATAR of 99.90.

NAPLAN test results show that students achieve remarkable progress at MacKillop.

MacKillop has helped to nurture many students who have cultural, performance, and sporting pursuits. Many of these students have gone on to represent their country, learn at the nation's top dance/performance colleges, or have been recognised for the difference they are making within the wider community.

If you want academic achievement, MacKillop is the place to be. If you want to achieve your sporting goals, MacKillop is the place to be. If you want to set yourself up to begin a trade or join the workforce, MacKillop is the place to be. Students come to MacKillop with many different talents and dreams, which MacKillop's teachers seek to nurture and encourage. MacKillop's achievements in cultural, sporting, and academic life serve as a source of pride to the student body and the wider community.

How MacKillop helped me achieve 99.90 - James Crispin, 2018 Dux

“We had a number of success stories from my year group – some of my friends are studying things like Engineering, Veterinary Science, Actuarial Studies, Law, and Physiotherapy. The relationship I had with my teachers was incredibly critical to my success. They were invested in me, checked up on me regularly, and cared about my academic success and me as a person. I put in lots of hard work but the AST results of our year group also made a difference. Huge thank you to my teachers who helped and supported me, and to my friends who competed with me and motivated me to do my best. I was incredibly happy with my results!”