Great Teaching!


Why do so many people choose MacKillop for their secondary school experience?

Because of the great teaching:

A school can be no greater than its teachers, and MacKillop prides itself on employing the very best. With teachers committed to engaging, challenging, and encouraging each and every student to develop their love for learning, it's no wonder the students often say that MacKillop's strength is truly found in its talented staff.

The College's NAPLAN results show that students who enrol in Year 7 at MacKillop achieve remarkable progress by the time they are in Year 9 – the kind of progress that continues into their senior years. The "like school" NAPLAN data reflects brilliantly on the quality of our academic environment, as do our Year 12 results. In 2019, all students wishing to go to university achieved a score high enough to gain entry, and a number received early offers. The College Dux of 2018 achieved a score of 99.90 - one of the highest ATARs in the country. Students do well at MacKillop!

What I like about the teachers at MacKillop - Caitlyn, Class of 2020

“My teachers have always been there for me – they’re really supportive and will do everything they can to help you, but they also push you to do your best. In the classroom, they really know the subjects they teach and they have different ways of explaining things so that different learners can understand. If you are further ahead, they make sure you have extension work to push your skills and knowledge further and if you need more help they will use strategies to help with that too. They give up a lot of their time to help you outside of class – even for things that aren’t related to their classes. I like that I can trust the staff at this school and I believe that the relationships I have been able to form with them has been one of the best things about my MacKillop experience.”