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Museum of Democracy Excursion

Museum of Democracy Excursion

On Tuesday 14 May, Miss Fielding and nine Year 8 students attended an excursion to the Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House. The excursion allowed students to be part of a Focus Group organised by the Western Sydney University and centered on news literacy and fake news.

Students were interviewed and discussed concepts including democracy, citizenship and literacy. Students thought critically about the way news was exposed to them on a daily basis. The students represented the College with enthusiasm and pride and had various opinions about the importance of being 'news literate’. When asked why news literacy was important, here is what some of our students had to say:

“We should be doing news literacy as we would then be able to better understand the world we live in,” Felix Sharpe said.

Cormac Logan agreed, and believed news literacy should be a focus for the Civics and Citizenship course. “It allows us to think critically about what is true or false,” he said.

Sophie Vassallo furthered this point, declaring, “Our future is on the line - some 18-year-olds don’t even know how to interpret news and believe everything they read on Facebook or Instagram.”

Following the excursion, the students discussed their enjoyable experience with Miss Fielding and recorded some of their thoughts. The Focus group stated that they “would recommend this to other schools and students and learnt that ‘fake news’ is everywhere and as adolescents it is important to know the difference between what is real and what is fake.”

The excursion allowed the College to develop a strong partnership with the Museum of Democracy.

Miss Hayley Fielding
IHUM/SOSE teacher