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Remote Learning and COVID-19 Updates

Remote Learning and COVID-19 Updates

Updates from the Principal:
Remote Learning, attendance, fees, and COVID-19

The Principal, Mr Michael Lee, has provided a number of updates regarding the COVID-19 situation and its impact on learning and attendance at MacKillop. These updates are available below:

Recent Updates

30 March - School Fees and COVID-19       Download

Recent Updates

26 March - Remote Learning Trial and MacKillop Updates Download
26 March - Pastoral Care Information Download
26 March - Provisions for Remote Learning Download
26 March - Remote Learning Guidelines Download
24 March - Remote Learning     Download
23 March - Attendance Download

Correspondence issues?

We understand that some families with Hotmail addresses are having issues receiving our correspondence. We are looking into this, but listing MacKillop as a trusted sender should fix this problem for you:

How to add MacKillop as a trusted sender in Hotmail

  1. Login to Outlook/Hotmail
  2. Click the settings icon (cog wheel) in the top right corner
  3. Click ‘View all Outlook settings’ at the bottom of the Settings section
  4. Click the ‘Junk mail’ tab
  5. Locate the ‘Safe senders and domains’ section
  6. Click ‘Add’ underneath the ‘Safe senders and domains’ tab
  7. Type ‘mackillop.act.edu.au’ and then hit Enter/Return
  8. Click ‘Add’ again
  9. Type ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’ and then hit Enter/Return
  10. In the ‘Blocked senders and domains’ section, search to see if MacKillop is in that list. If it is, delete it from the list.

Please note, while this should fix the issue for you, we are working with the Hotmail/Outlook team to resolve the problem.