Pastoral Care: Overview


Pastoral Care at St Mary MacKillop College is an important aspect of the College. Every student is valued as a unique individual and pastoral care encompasses a commitment to the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of all students. It under pins what happens in each class and the interactions between all members of the College community. Students are nurtured and supported within a safe environment. Pastoral care is critical in enhancing academic outcomes, supporting students in their journey through adolescence and assisting in their personal development so that they may reach their full potential.

Our pastoral structures provide quality learning experiences, leadership and mentoring opportunities that are centred on building relationships of trust and respect between all members of our College community.


All students belong to a Pastoral Care Class and these are organised by Year group. Within each Year group all Pastoral Care Classes are aligned with one of four Houses: Mindygari, Gurabang, Meup Meup and Ngadyung.

Each Pastoral Care class meets together with their Pastoral Care teacher every morning. Students have contact with this teacher on a daily basis and develop strong rapport with the PC teacher over the course of the year. The Pastoral Care teacher is concerned with the holistic well-being of each student in the Pastoral Class and as such is the first point of reference for students if they have any concerns and for parents if they have enquiries of a general nature.

Pastoral Care Coordinators provide leadership and direction to each Year group and work closely with the PC teachers. Pastoral Care Coordinators are available to assist with any issues that students may experience and will work to try and resolve any such issues in a positive way.

Pastoral Program

A one-hour session is timetabled each cycle, covering important elements of welfare and the healthy development of adolescents and young adults, complimenting and enriching the formal curriculum.

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Quality Conduct

Quality conduct honours the dignity and needs of all individuals in the community including students, staff and parents. Restorative practices are followed at MacKillop which means we see each individual as being in a relationship with every other person in our community.

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The FULL MacKillop uniform is to be worn to and from school each day. All students attending St Mary MacKillop College are expected to take pride in their appearance. Neatness, cleanliness and good grooming are expected.

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Additional programs and support

A number of programs are conducted for students that add to the Pastoral dimension of St Mary MacKillop College. Some of these are targeted programs for students with specific needs while others are of a more general nature. These include:

  • Seasons for Growth which explores the effects of change, loss and grief
  • The Young Carers Group which is for students who care for a family member who may be affected by an illness or disability
  • Drumbeat which uses rythym and music, is targeted at small groups to allow students to express themselves. It aims to increase self-confidence and social awareness, build healthy relationships and encourage personal reflection.

Other specialised programs are also run from time to time, in addition to the extra curricular life of the College, that support and enhance the development and well-being of students with their specific needs.

The College also provides counselling services to all students and families. Qualified counsellors, employed by CatholicCare, work within the school across both campuses assisting students with a range of personal issues.