The Transition to High School


Year 7 is structured in a way that helps each student transition seamlessly into their new environment.

In Year 7, students study Integrated Humanities (IHum). IHum includes Religious Education, English and Studies of Society and the Environment. Integrating these subjects offers a holistic approach to learning.

A significant benefit for students is that the transition into High School is made easier by reducing the number of teachers and subjects. Much like primary school, these classes are all held in the same room with the same teacher and the same group of students. Many of our IHum teachers have experience teaching at primary schools.

Several orientation days, classroom tasks, and a series of pastoral program activities at the beginning of the school year help our new Year 7 students get to know each other, their school, and their teachers.

Students often identify MacKillop's 'welcoming community' to be one of the College's main strengths, and we believe it is this atmosphere that helps students to acclimatise so well.

The transition to Year 7 at MacKillop - Kevin, Year 7
“I was really nervous about high school – mainly about making friends, getting lost, new teachers, and the fear of not knowing what to do. All the nerves went away on the first day. I think what really helped was the teachers – they showed me where to go and made us all feel comfortable and wanted to get to know us. They know how to make you feel a part of the class, and they know when you’re nervous and will help you overcome that. Making new friends was easy because you meet people in your PC Class – you just start a conversation to get to know who they are and then it just snaps and you’re friends! So far, my favourite subjects have been Tech, Japanese, and PE. I’m really looking forward to trying Food and Drama next.”