Quality Conduct

Quality conduct honours the dignity and needs of all individuals in the community including students, staff and parents. Restorative practices are followed at MacKillop which means we see each individual as being in a relationship with every other person in our community. If something goes wrong in a relationship we work to restore it. This restorative approach to learning, managing behaviour and resolving conflict educates and supports students through building and maintaining quality learning relationships and connectedness. Students learn and understand that rights come with responsibilities and that poor decisions and inappropriate behaviour have consequences.

It is a requirement that students of St Mary MacKillop College conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect and support for staff, for their peers and for their environment. Parents are viewed as the first teachers of their children and thus are an essential link in assisting students to meet College expectations.

The College is committed to the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental welfare of staff and students. To this end it seeks to affirm students whose conduct is responsible and redirect those whose behaviour is inappropriate.

Pastoral Care Policies within the College seek to promote growth, self-worth and dignity through:

  • The merit system.
  • Focused pastoral care programs.
  • Participation in social justice action within the College and the wider community.
  • Acknowledgement of good works and achievements through merit points, certificates, status awards, MacKillop reward tokens, assemblies and end of semester presentations.

The Quality Conduct Policy, based on restorative justice processes, seeks to have students understand that with rights come responsibilities. Students have the right to be treated with courtesy and with justice but must also accept responsibility for self-discipline and for accepting that poor decisions and inappropriate behaviour have consequences.

Management of inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • Communication with parents and guardians.
  • Consultation with relevant Pastoral staff such as Pastoral Care teachers, Pastoral Care Coordinators, Counsellors, Assistant Principal Pastoral Care and Campus Head.
  • Interviews with school personnel and outside agencies.
  • Counselling of students.
  • Consequences for inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour include:
  • A report of the incident recorded on MOLE.
  • Restorative meetings and reflective letters.
  • Removal of privileges i.e. school excursions, College representation, access to physical resources and use of school equipment/facilities.
  • College detention – school hours – post-school hours.
  • Withdrawal from classes.
  • Suspension.
  • Exclusion (as per CEO guidelines).

Acts of violence, vandalism, discrimination, racial vilification, harassment, bullying or intimidation are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Students may not be in possession of weapons of any kind at school or when involved with school-related activities.

St Mary MacKillop College strives to be a “no drugs” College. No student may be in possession of or receipt of illegal substances, alcohol or cigarettes at school, travelling to or from school, when engaged in a school activity or when representing the school at any sporting or other extra-curricular activity.

A student may be required to make available for inspection their school bag or locker if directed by the Principal, Campus Head or other senior member of staff. Lockers remain the property of the College.