PE Pathways Applications

PE Pathways Applications

Year 9 students are invited to a Preview Day for the Year 10 PE Pathways Program on Tuesday 30 June 2020. The Preview Day will be held at the St Peter's Campus, Isabella Plains.

Registrations for the day are due by Wednesday 24 June and can be done through the College Sport page on Canvas.

The PE Pathways Program is for students who aim to reach an elite level in sport/dance. The program has been specifically designed to provide additional support to students in their academic and sporting pursuits. The aims of the PE Pathways Program are:

  • To help students achieve their academic and sporting goals
  • To improve the 'Athletic IQ' of students
  • To foster a sense of self belief and athlete mentality within students

Topics covered in Year 10 PE Pathways include:

  • Introduction to weight training and gym safety
  • Effective study
  • Speed and agility training
  • Flexibility and recovery
  • Time management
  • Assessment planning
  • Ergogenic aids in sport
  • Self-directed training

For further information, view the PE Pathways page.