College Board

About the Board

The College Board has on it representatives from the parent body, staff and the College Executive. It meets about once a month and reviews development within the College relating to things such as academic, financial and planning issues. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the religious ethos of the College is promoted and integrated into all aspects of College life.

The process for determining the parent representatives is:

  1. Vacancies are advertised through the School Newsletter and parents are invited to submit an Expression of Interest.
  2. The Chair of the Board and the Principal determine a shortlist and an election is held to determine the successful candidate(s).
  3. The Principal notifies all applicants of the outcome of the process.
  4. The MacKillop community is informed of membership changes through the College Newsletter and College website.

Staff representatives are voted into positions whenever a staff vacancy arises.

2021 College Board Members

  • Nathan Robb (Board Chair & Parent Representative)
  • Michael Lee (Principal)
  • Stephen Dunkerley (Business Manager & Board Secretary)
  • Fr James Antony (College Chaplain)
  • Sandra Darley (Campus Head, Padua)
  • Lachlan McNicol (Assistant Principal, Pastoral Care)
  • Jonathan Moyle (Assistant Principal, Faith Leadership)
  • Paul O'Callaghan (Campus Head, St Peter's)
  • Maria O'Donnell (Assistant Principal, Academic Care)
  • Justin Kain (Staff Representative)
  • Amanda Knott (Staff Representative)
  • Sally Bunnell (Parent Representative)
  • Danielle Chifley (Parent Representative)
  • Yvette Croft (Parent Representative)
  • Laura Harris (Parent Representative)
  • Gerard Heffernan (Parent Representative)
  • Kerry Lever (Parent Representative)
  • Scott Willson (Parent Representative)
  • Joshua Hogan (Alumni Representative)
  • Lilly Vassallo (Visitor - College Captain)
  • Zac Cunningham (Visitor - College Captain)

Board Constitution

A draft Board Constitution is up for consideration and ratification by the Board at the next meeting.

View the draft Constitution

Raise a matter for the College Board

If you would like to raise a matter for the College Board to discuss, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College Board Portal

Members of the College Board can login to the Portal using the link below:

Board Login