Opening Mass 2019

Opening Mass 2019

The College community came together for the Opening Mass and Year 12 Mentoring Day on Thursday 7 March.

In the morning, students and staff of the College were joined in Eucharist at the Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium by representatives from several schools, former students, parents, politicians, Board members, and a number of past staff members.

The Mass introduced the 2019 College Theme, “Encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11), and that theme was prevalent in the words of College Chaplain Fr James Antony, Principal Michael Lee, and in the prayers and readings by students and members of the community.

Fr James led the liturgy with deep reverence and modesty, providing a challenging and engaging homily for the school community and congregation. The real joy of the occasion was in the solemnity and in the willing participation of the students. The quality of the music and choir was also a highlight.

As part of the final blessing, Year 7 stood in front of the congregation and received a blessing as the rest of the school officially welcomed them to the College.

Congratulations to Mr Jonathan Moyle (AP Faith and Mission), Mr Ben Bowman, Mrs Kim Maloney, Maintenance, Sound and Lighting, and all who arranged for a deeply moving community celebration of Eucharist.

After the Opening Mass, the Class of 2019 visited the Padua Campus. The Year 12 students were able to catch up with old teachers at morning tea, listened to talks from Mr Lee and Imam Adam Konda from the Canberra Islamic Centre, and then spent time in the classrooms of the junior campus, where they shared their knowledge with the younger students.