New College record for Relay for Life

New College record for Relay for Life

Year 12 continued the tradition of participating in the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life over the weekend, and they’ve now set a new benchmark as the group blew previous fundraising efforts out of the water.

On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, almost half of the Year 12 cohort made the trek to the Australian Institute of Sport where they managed to raise just over $10,000, setting a new College record and raising the most of any school at the event.

The impressive effort was due to the generosity of the students’ friends and families and the sheer number of participants – at 110 students, MacKillop formed the largest team at the event.

Thousands of Australians participate in over 200 Relays across Australia each year. Some people Relay in memory of a loved one lost to cancer. Some do it to show how proud they are at having survived cancer. Some do it to show support for those battling cancer. And some simply want to be involved and make a difference. The relay itself involves a number of teams carrying their team baton around the track for 24 hours. During this time, participants take it in turns to represent their team on the track. In the lead up to the Relay for Life, participants seek donations and sponsorship from their families, friends, and the wider community. This money helps Cancer Council seek improvements in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.

The College thanks all of the teachers who dropped by and in particular Mrs Durham, Mr Kain, Ms Fahey and Mr Crowe who stayed and supported the students for the whole 24 hours.

We also thank all who donated to the cause. Congratulations, Year 12!