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Students stress less before Senior Exams

Students stress less before Senior Exams

Isabella Campus students have taken part in Stress Less Week this week, participating in a series of activities created by the Senior SRC to help students deal with, and prepare for, their upcoming exams.

Stress Less Week involved a number of community events designed to minimise stress and improve student achievement as students studied for their exams, which commenced today.

On Monday, a gratitude wall was available in the quad where students were given the opportunity to write on a banner and answer the question “What are you grateful for?” This was to encourage students to focus on what they are grateful for rather than focusing on their exam stress and what they don’t have. The gratitude banner was then hung up in the library for all students to see.

Isabella students spent lunchtime on Tuesday listening to live music performances from some of their peers. This created a great vibe for everyone and gave the students an opportunity to relax and take their mind off the classroom.

On Wednesday, the SRC handed out free ‘stress less’ wristbands to all students that were kindly donated by Mental Health Australia. These wristbands were distributed to remind students that sustaining a healthy mindset is vital during this stressful time. Throughout the day, various interviews were conducted with students around the campus to ask them about the techniques they use to ‘stress less,’ which received positive results.

Free pancakes and hot Milo was provided to Isabella students on Thursday morning. This was a timely reminder, the day before senior exams, to eat breakfast before their exams to help keep their minds sharp.

We wish all senior students the best of luck with their exams!