House Charity fundraising gets underway

House Charity fundraising gets underway

Mindygari has kicked off the College’s annual House Charity Fundraising with a series of events at both campuses in Week 6.

Mindygari has pledged its support to Cancer Council ACT, which MacKillop has also supported through Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and the North Canberra Relay for Life, where Year 12 students raised over $10,000.

To commence fundraising, the College invited the CEO of Cancer Council ACT, Sandra Turner, to talk with the senior campus at the Week 6 assembly. Ms Turner expressed the gratitude of Cancer Council ACT for MacKillop’s contributions to her cause.

“I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to supporting the Cancer Council ACT in recent years,” Ms Turner said.

“I know a number of you participated in the North Canberra Relay for Life. The message of hope is very poignant and brings it home to everybody that cancer does affect all of our lives and we all can contribute to do something to help in the future.

“I appreciate your support and your fundraising for us. It’s been a fantastic effort.”

A feature of MacKillop’s House Charity Fundraising is the wide range of events in which students can participate. To mark the start of winter, both campuses held ‘Hoodie Day’ on Thursday, while other events included the selling of various food and drink items at recess and lunch and the visit of former student Liam Wright (Class of 2016) who held a concert at Isabella on Friday.

After the school holidays, the College will turn its attention to Gurabang’s House Charity, Legacy, while Meup Meup will continue its support of New Hope for Cambodian Children and Ngadyung will raise money for the Canberra Hospital Foundation.

The House that manages to raise the most money for their charity will be presented with the Charity Shield on the final day of the year.

Congratulations to all students for your tireless and generous fundraising efforts!