Swimming Carnival 2019

Swimming Carnival 2019

Mindygari and Meup Meup claimed the honours at this year’s Swimming Carnival, taking out the Championship Trophy and Spirit Cup respectively on a warm summer’s day at Dickson Aquatic Centre.

Mindygari’s championship was its second in three years but only its third overall, while Meup Meup won its fourth Spirit Cup on the back of an energetic and enthusiastic showing in the pool, in the stands, and in the novelty events. Interestingly, this was the first Swimming Carnival since 2009 that both Ngadyung and Gurabang had failed to win at least one of the two trophies on offer.

The carnival got off to a roaring start, with all four Houses going through their House songs to begin the day.

Students dressed in House colours or to the carnival theme, Bring back the 80s. Music from that famous era mixed with modern hits to help set the scene for a fun day at the pool.

Despite a number of brilliant performances in the pool, no records were broken – the first time this has happened in the history of the MacKillop Swimming Carnival.

While many students participated in races, students cheered from their House areas or took part in novelty events like tug-o-war or dodgeball.

The College also held a number of events in Caritas Corner to raise money for Project Compassion, with an egg and spoon obstacle course, the Oreo challenge, sales of Zooper Doopers, baby pool activities, and music song selection.

Students are to be congratulated for their teamwork, spirit, high levels of participation, and their displays of athleticism in the pool. Thank you to the staff – especially the new Sports Facilitator, Mr Matthew Crowe – who played a crucial role in making the day a great success.